6 The Best Umbrella Base For Wind + Buyer’s Guide 2022

Best Umbrella Base For Wind Buyer’s Guide

Do you find that the patio umbrella always tips over due to strong winds?

It was true that I’d been struggling with this problem for many years, and I came across the ideal solution! Just set up a strong as well as sturdy umbrella stand on your patio table, and position your umbrella pole accordingly. It has worked for me. 6 The Best Umbrella Base For Wind in this article…

The garden accessories aid in improving the total aesthetic appeal of my beautiful lawn, no matter the conditions. However, it took a significant amount of time and a lot of research to locate an item that would meet all my expectations.

With the accessibility of many options, you’re sure to face difficulties in your search. However, don’t worry you’re in good hands with me!

Hi! I’m Stacy Smith. Today I’m here to assist you to locate your best patio umbrella stand for wind. In this regard, I’ve come to you with in-depth reviews of 5 top alternatives to think about.

Without further ado Let’s get started.

Important Information for Choosing the Right Patio Umbrella Stand For Outdoor Patio Umbrella

As previously mentioned, patio umbrella stands come in a range of dimensions and shapes. But more importantly, the caliber of the stands can differ quite a bit. Knowing what options are available will aid you in selecting the best stand to meet your needs.

Types of Patio Umbrella Stands

When you’re searching for a patio umbrella stand, you’ll be amazed to see that almost every stand is a round shape. Although there are rectangular and square stands, there’s a good reason why the round umbrella stands are very well-liked. In simple terms, round stands are simpler to move, and have a nice design that is compatible together with most patio umbrellas and tables.

Best Umbrella Base For Wind Buyer’s Guide

The kind of stand you select will depend upon the area you’ll be placing on the patio table and umbrella itself. If you intend to place the umbrella alongside the patio table, you’ll most likely prefer an elongated stand.

Be aware that most umbrella stands are very heavy and having the ability to move them around an angle is helpful. For most tables, your stand is likely to be hidden beneath the table. You’ll prefer the practicality and stability over aesthetics when choosing the stand.

If you have a freestanding umbrella, you might want to choose a more decorative umbrella stand. Although these aren’t the best option for you some boxes can double as pots for plants. Of course, these kinds of umbrella stands tend to be more cumbersome to transport around your backyard, but they do make a stunning design element for your backyard.

Certain restaurants make use of these larger boxed market umbrella stands to create seating areas that are shaded for their outside patios. If you’re an owner that enjoys entertaining family and friends within your yard, building spaces that are shaded will help make the outdoor space seem much more welcoming to visitors.

Patio Umbrella Stand Materials

The patio umbrella stands are constructed from various materials. However, if you are looking for the most durable stands, go for one made of concrete or stainless steel. They have all the characteristics that make for a good umbrella stand. They are strong and sturdy and weatherproof and require little maintenance to keep them looking good.

If you have these components, you could also apply a bronze or resin finish to give your stand additional protection from elements.

Wood, plastic, and even cheaper metal stands will be used However, they’ll degrade in time and weigh less than concrete and steel stands. The final thing you would want would be an umbrella stand that isn’t sturdy enough to keep the patio umbrella or pool umbrella in place or one that gets rusty and appears ugly over time.

Patio Umbrella Stand Weight

As we said how heavy the umbrella stand is will play a major part in how stable the patio umbrella will be when it’s stormy.

That being said it is important to strike an equilibrium between stability and portability especially if you are planning to store an umbrella and stand in storage in the winter.

Certain umbrella stands have the option to add additional weight. More appealing metal stands can be equipped with weights that are removable to help keep the stand in place while the cheaper plastic stands come with a reservoir that you could fill with sand or water.

The weight you’ll need will be determined by how windy the area you reside in and the size of an umbrella you’re planning to use. Larger umbrellas can take in more wind, and therefore require heavier stands to keep them up.

Patio Umbrella Base Weight Reviews

In this article, we will review some models of patio umbrella bases available on the market, focusing on the style, durability weight, along with overall high quality. We review the pros and negatives of each of these bases.

If you’re thinking of buying a patio umbrella in conjunction with the base’s weight take a look at the patio umbrella reviews here.

Let’s take a look at a comparison table to start with, then we’ll move into individual reviews.

NameAbba Patio RoundTropishade RoundDC AmericaAbba Patio SquareTrademark InnovationsPatioLiving Concepts
Dimensions29" D x 3.4" H20" D x 15" H18" D x 13" H24" L x 24" W x 13" H20" D x 4.5" H
16" D x 6.5" H
Pole Compatibility1"-1.5"1 3/8"-1 1/2"1 3/8"-1 1/2"1 1/2", 1 7/8"1", 1 1/2", 2"1"-2"
Price on Amazon$214.99$177.26$39.99Price not available$73.28$27.58

TOP-6 Umbrella Base For Wind

The Best Umbrella Base for wind is the Abba Patio Round Steel Market Patio Umbrella Base. Its sturdy steel construction, extremely low footprint that is toe-friendly, and its minimalist design makes it one of the best patio umbrella base available. Although it’s costly compared to other bases in this list If you’re trying to carry the weight of a large umbrella where the base is visible it is essential to have a high-quality, attractive umbrella base weight can be crucial.

For a thorough review of this umbrella base weight, please check out our product Reviews Section below.

1. Abba Patio 55 lb Patio Umbrella Base Heavy Duty Round 28 inch Diameter Steel Outdoor Market Umbrella Base Stand for Deck, Lawn, Garden, Pool, Brown

Abba Patio 55 lb Patio Umbrella Base Heavy Duty Round 28 inch Diameter Steel Outdoor Market Umbrella Base Stand for Deck, Lawn, Garden, Pool, Brown
  • Durable and Heavy Duty Construction
  • Adjustable Wobble-Free Pole Holder
  • Modern Flat Design
  • Easy to Use and Clean
  • Overall Dimensions

Abba Patio consistently makes excellent quality patio furniture with an eye for simplicity and elegance. Their streak continues with this thoughtful and attractive patio umbrella holder.

This is the best patio umbrella base for wind.

  • Base Weight: 55lbs
  • Diameter: 29″
  • Height: 3.4″
  • Plate Thickness: 1/4″ (approximate)
  • Pole Capacity: 1″ – 1.5″ umbrella poles will work (the diameter is 1 33/64″, meaning this hole is 1/64″ larger than 1 1/2″ pole)

Abba Patio round steel patio umbrella weight Abba Patio Round iron patio umbrella weight is elegantly simple. It has two locks that turn by hand to provide an extra grip for an umbrella pole inserted inside. The umbrella base is designed to take on the winds and weights that are typically found on a 6-foot-9-foot umbrella.

The base is weighted. The umbrella base is made from powder-coated steel that is then painted in a bronze tone. We’d like to see Abba Patio have stainless steel and black versions of these bases so that people could pair their bases with your patio umbrella, but alas Abba Patio is currently the only one that sells the bases made of metal umbrella stands in bronze.

If you have the white or black umbrella shaft can think about purchasing enamel paint and painting the base in a similar color to the color of your umbrella pole. This is not feasible for those who own stainless steel or brushed nickel umbrellas (or wood to be honest!).

The patio umbrella base can be utilized in conjunction using a dining table however, it’s not necessary (you might want to purchase a patio umbrella cone in this scenario). The weight will normally accommodate a six-to-9′ umbrella that is not accompanied by a table however if the wind is moving, we’d advise closing the umbrella to safeguard it from the wind.

Abba Patio umbrella bases Abba Patio outdoor umbrella bases comprise two components. The first is called the circle umbrella base and the second is the vertical shaft, which connects to the base beneath.

Abba Patio Umbrella Base Weight Abba Patio Umbrella base weight is a premium product that accomplishes exactly what it is designed to do, without unnecessary parts. The base is thin and flat enough that it is not noticeable it is placed on a table and the span has a substantial weight capacity. It’s designed to last and is sure as a market umbrella standing for years to be.

It’s on the costly side however, it looks fantastic and has plenty of power to hold.

  • Robust stand
  • Elegant design fits any outdoor space
  • Includes two hand-turned adjustable knobs
  • Large diameter and heavy-weight
  • Limited pole compatibility

2. TropiShade 30-Pound Bronze Powder-Coated Cast Iron Umbrella Stand

Best Umbrella Base For Wind Buyer’s Guide
  • Cast iron umbrella base weighs 30 pounds with a bronze powder-coating
  • 20-inch in diameter

If you’re trying to carry a smaller umbrella or you’re certain that you will utilize the umbrella base along and a dining table it is recommended to purchase the TropiShade Cast Iron umbrella stand weight is a great quality item at a fair price.

It’s not the most advanced umbrella weight available however it’s highly efficient, well-constructed, and designed to funnel water away.

TropiShade 30lb bronze powder-coated cast iron patio umbrella base TropiShade 30lb powder-coated bronze cast iron patio umbrella base is a lightweight umbrella stand constructed out of cast iron with a distinctive decorative design. The pattern is designed so that rainwater that falls on the umbrella stand can evaporate easily.

The foundation that is used for umbrella connection is strong with about 30lbs of weight. It’s also fairly simple.

  • Base Weight: 30lbs
  • Diameter: 20”
  • Height: 15”
  • Plate Thickness: 3” (approximate)
  • Pole Capacity 1 3/8” to 1 1/2 1” umbrella poles will work

This is a cast iron patio umbrella stand that is suitable for an umbrella of up to about 6 inches in diameter. It is equipped with only a single toggle lock and can hold the size of an umbrella.

Tables are not necessary for the umbrella base, but the additional balance that comes with using two umbrella bases and a table can be beneficial, particularly if you’re pushing to the umbrella size.

The TropiShade Decorated Market Umbrella Base is around 3 inches in thickness and is quite low-profile. It’s unlikely that you’ll knock it over or put your feet on it, if it’s hidden under a table, and away from view.

The shade is a dark bronze, with a matte finish. It could be used alongside a white umbrella pole, but it is more bronze-like than black. You can always paint it using Rustoleum enamel paint if you wish to make it the same color as the umbrella pole.

This is an excellent option to use as the umbrella base if you have a 6′ umbrella or less. It’s not exactly contemporary however, it is appealing and has a low profile.

A few buyers have encountered issues due to the pole’s shaft getting in a crooked position when placed in the base. If you experience the issue described above, recommend calling TropiShade to request a replacement since the umbrella shaft must be straight once properly set up.

This TropiShade 30 pounds umbrella base weight is covered with a 1-year warranty which is a great addition. There’s nothing that could be wrong with them unless you choose the base weight that is too small for your umbrella However, a warranty is always beneficial! Based on the price of this item, it’s an excellent buy and highly recommended.

3. Budget Pick: Patio Living Concepts 00230-PLC Furniture Piece, 6.5-inch, Blacimagek

Abba Patio 55 lb Patio Umbrella Base Heavy Duty Round 28 inch Diameter Steel Outdoor Market Umbrella Base Stand for Deck, Lawn, Garden, Pool, Brown
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Package length: 17.0″
  • Package width: 17.0″
  • Package height: 7.0″

This PatioLivingConcepts Umbrella Base 230 is a good umbrella base weight cost that is very affordable. It’s a molded resin unit, designed to be filled with sand, and then put beneath the patio table. This Umbrella Base 230 will hold approximately 50 pounds of sand. This implies it can accommodate a pretty big patio umbrella.

Based on the weight capacity and the price it’s a decent affordable umbrella stand. It’s not the prettiest umbrella base however, it’s designed to be placed on a table and won’t be seen very often.

For a comprehensive overview of PatioLivingConcepts Umbrella Base Base 230 check out our Reviews section. Reviews section below.

PatioLivingConcepts Umbrella Base is a sturdy lightweight umbrella base, supplied in five colors, but the overall style is quite clunky. It’s a little like a spaceship in a 1980s edition of Battlestar Galactica. We’re normally enthusiastic about a spaceship umbrella’s weight but we’re not convinced that this is the case.

  • Base Weight: 50lbs+
  • Diameter: 16”
  • Height: 6 1/2”
  • Pole Capacity 1”-2 2 umbrella poles will work

We aren’t a fan of the design or the look of the patio umbrella base weight, but it’s effective. This Umbrella Base 230 is designed to be filled with sand. The hardware is constructed of stainless steel, while the housing itself comprises a molded resin. The housing comes with a screw cap which is used to create weights material.

Its patio table umbrella stand is available in five colors: beige bronze, black green, white, and beige. It’s one of the few white patio umbrella base weights out available.

It is possible that the Umbrella Base 230 can be filled with water, however, it could leak, and the cap was not made to hold water. When it’s closed water will likely be able to leak out of the cap. However, if it’s lying on the ground, water might be fine. However, we suggest using sand for the weight material.

If you’re filling the base with sand consider purchasing a funnel or using cardboard that has been folded up to permit the sand to go through the hole in a proper manner.

This base to use as an outdoor umbrella will accommodate up to a 9′ umbrella and is fairly robust. It’s not as wide as some of the bases in this list and must be used with a table to give it more stability.

The hole in the table umbrella base is not completely through and therefore, it is not able to be placed over another base.

Its Umbrella Base 230 may not be the most beautiful umbrella base weight available however, they’re inexpensive patio umbrella bases. If you’re using them on tables, and not using them to support an 8′ umbrella, these base weights can be used for a long time.

The most significant design flaw of this product is the screw used to attach the umbrella shaft to the base. If that screw breaks the base, it’s almost ineffective. This shouldn’t be a problem as long as the screw is employed alongside tables.

4. DC America 18-Inch Cast Stone Umbrella Base

Abba Patio 55 lb Patio Umbrella Base Heavy Duty Round 28 inch Diameter Steel Outdoor Market Umbrella Base Stand for Deck, Lawn, Garden, Pool, Brown

This DC America line of cast stone umbrella bases is a basic well-designed set of umbrella base weights constructed of non-rusting powder-coated composite material. They come in two sizes: 18 and 24 inches (currently illustrated as an 18” configuration) They can function in conjunction with or without an adjustable table that balances the umbrella.

  • Base Weight: 22lbs (46lb for the 24”)
  • Diameter: 18” or 24”
  • Height: 13”
  • Plate Thickness: 1 1/2” (approximate)
  • Pole Capacity 1 3/8”- 1 1/2 1” umbrella poles will work

The 18 inches DC America Cast Stone Outdoor Umbrella Stand can be used for supporting a 6-foot umbrella However, beyond this, it might have problems with balance. The base of 24 inches can support up to a 9′ umbrella. A table is not necessary for these umbrella bases however it will aid in stabilizing the umbrella when it is in windy conditions.

2 rubber umbrella shaft cuffs come with The first one is made to work with a 1 3/8 inch umbrella shaft, while the other is compatible with 1 1/2 1” umbrella shafts. The cuffs of plastic are the weak points in this unit and are susceptible to breaking. If they fail, contact DC America for replacements.

This DC America unit comes in two parts that are the disc base as well as the horizontal section. The vertical section bolts onto the base of the disc, and the umbrella is attached from the base. The procedure of setting it up is very simple.

The range of weighted umbrella bases is ideal when your umbrella is of the right size (6 in the case of the 18” or 9′ to accommodate 24”). ”). Both patio umbrella stands are pretty stylish and slim in profile. They are priced competitively for their weight capacities.

It is worth noting that the DC America line of umbrella weight bases comes with one-year warranties that’s a huge benefit. There’s nothing that could go wrong, however, the benefit of a warranty is always.

5. Abba Patio 53 lb. Square Steel Market Patio Umbrella Base Stand with Wheels

Abba Patio 55 lb Patio Umbrella Base Heavy Duty Round 28 inch Diameter Steel Outdoor Market Umbrella Base Stand for Deck, Lawn, Garden, Pool, Brown

Abba Patio square steel umbrella base Abba Patio Square base is made of a steel umbrella base and is a different elegant, minimalist outdoor umbrella stand. It weighs 2 pounds less than Abba Patio round umbrella base and comes with wheels that allow for easy movement around an umbrella around the patio.

It also has two poles that can be attached to various umbrella dimensions.

  • Base Weight: 55lbs
  • Dimensions: 24” x 24”
  • Height: 13”
  • Thickness: 1/4” (approximate)
  • Pole Capacity 1 1/2 1” and 1 7/8 1 7/8″ umbrella poles will work

The low-profile umbrella base is a high-quality contemporary steel base. The square shape and two wheels allow for easy moving of the base and umbrella but the wheels indicate that this base is likely to be beneficial to those who just want an umbrella with no table. when used in conjunction with a table the wheels are ineffective.

This patio umbrella stand comes in three parts comprising the rectangular base and two vertical tubes, both of which are bolted to the base with a weighted. The tubes vary in size and are designed to fit either 1 1/2 1′ or 1 7/8 inch pole. The tubes are equipped with two crank bolts that aid in supplying more strength to the entire system.

The Abba Patio Square Market Umbrella bases that have wheels can hold up to 9′ in diameter umbrella.

Flat steel plates are directly in connection with the ground therefore it is likely with time, that water will be able to get underneath the unit, and cause rust to develop. It is recommended to inspect it from time to interval, and then if needed spray paints the surface using Rustoleum enamel to renew it.

The patio umbrella base with wheels is extremely thin and can easily fit under the majority of furniture pieces when you need to put your umbrella close to a furniture piece.

Abba Patio generally makes top-quality products which are why the patio umbrella stand with wheels is not an exception. While the wheels do not work well, they can provide some assistance when shifting the umbrella around and are an excellent feature that this stand has.

They aren’t inexpensive, but they are high-quality and can last for years with little care.

6. Trademark Innovations Sturdy Cement Umbrella Base, Gray

Abba Patio 55 lb Patio Umbrella Base Heavy Duty Round 28 inch Diameter Steel Outdoor Market Umbrella Base Stand for Deck, Lawn, Garden, Pool, Brown

The Trademark Innovations Base is attractive minimalist, modern, and simple. It is constructed of robust cement and can provide 44lbs of power for holding, to ensure the patio umbrella stands strong. The style is minimalist and stylish and thoughtfully thought out.

  • Base Weight: 40lbs
  • Diameter: 20”
  • Height: 4.5”
  • Plate Thickness: 1/4” (approximate)
  • Pole Capacity Pole Capacity: 1”, 1.5 2 1”, 1.5”, 2 umbrella poles can work (Trademark Innovations offers 3-inch plastic inserts that will reduce the diameter to one of three choices)

The market umbrella base weight is solid and sturdy and has a simple design and a variety of possibilities for fitting. It is constructed from concrete poured into an aluminum mold. It is a basic dark black umbrella base.

The garden umbrella stands are made up of two parts that are the weighted disc and the vertical piece that is used to anchor the umbrella shaft. A few users have complained of issues with the bolt and nut that connects the vertical piece to the weight which is a failing point.

Furthermore, the garden parasol stand isn’t packaged well Users have reported problems with shipping damage. If the umbrella base is damaged or damaged in any way it is recommended to contact Trademark Innovations immediately and ask for an exchange. Repairing the base is not suggested because it is likely to be damaged again after further use.

It is a great patio table umbrella base at an affordable price for its capacity to weigh. It’s stylish and subtle and it has a low profile.

There are a few design imperfections that prevent us from we would recommend it as an umbrella stand suitable for patio table use. While we appreciate the style but it’s best to choose one of the other bases listed with a guarantee and better quality materials.

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Outdoor Umbrella Base Weight Buyer’s Guide

The most important thing to consider when selecting the best base with a weight that you can use with your patio umbrella or market umbrella is the weight you need.

What if I Have an Oversized Patio Umbrella?

If you own a huge patio umbrella that, when not folded, is more than 9 inches by 9′, then we suggest either using a weight bag with a second weight or the cantilever umbrella base. See our Umbrella Size Guide for more information.

Supplemental Weight Bag

It is possible to use an additional weight bag combination with conventional market umbrella bases to add the amount of weight to your large-format umbrella. They are typically placed on the top over the umbrella base, and can offer up to 100lbs of weight!

It’s additional trouble to take them off and on, however, and if they become punctured, there’s an enormous mess to take care of.

Cantilever Umbrella Base

A variety of cantilever umbrella base weights work like commercial grade patio umbrella weights and can offer up to 125lbs weight to an umbrella.

Where to Buy Umbrella Stands

It is possible to purchase umbrella stands online or in gardening and home improvement stores. It is usually easier to shop online because you won’t need to carry a bulky umbrella base into the car to take it to the patio.

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